Snowgoose Test Services Manage the Testing of your Workday configuration and to-be processes.

We Plan your Test, Identify your Scope, Execute, and Manage Testing. Create Scripts. Execute Tests. Measure Results.

Test Strategy & Plan

We bring a proven Test Strategy that ties data/config/requirements and testing together ensuring traceability throughout the project lifecycle. Our Strategy and Approach are scalable and come with a detailed Test Plan, Scope, and Defect Management approach tailored to your data and organisational needs. Solution Quality Reports are delivered throughout testing to document results and communicate metrics to stakeholders.

Test Script Production

To support the implementation of new systems and support the ongoing regression testing of existing systems, we offer a service to provide an extensive catalogue of test scripts, all of which can be customised based upon individual client scope requirements.

Test Script Execution

In addition to the production of test scripts, we are able to offer fully trained testing teams to execute the test scripts to minimise business resource constraints. The scalable teams can perform positive and negative testing in line with client requirements and be based with the client or off-site at one of our global locations.

Payroll Integration and Testing

With our experienced understanding of the complexities around changes to payroll systems, integrations and providers enables us to support all of the activities, from early analysis to impact, through design and testing into the support phases.

Remedial Project Support and Recovery

We understand that for a number of reasons projects can require a fresh pair of eyes and wider experience to place them back onto a successful path. Using our coherent approach to data and testing underpinned by an overarching governance and management approach we are able to support project remediation requirement.

Post Implementation Regression Testing Support

After the implementation of core technologies, we offer a regression test and benefit appraisal service to clients to ensure the maximum potential of each solution is reached as well as ensuring any business processes affected are impacted and tested using our proprietary trace software approach.

We know Test Management. Don't risk it alone.

Snowgoose is a dedicated team delivering a proven test methodology to Workday clients globally. Get in touch today to talk about test planning, test execution, test capability reviews or test phase recovery.

Plan. Specify. Execute. Complete.

Plan The Test

Test Plans ensure you are testing the right things at the right time with enough resources. Data coordination ensures the data/config is aligned to the test cycle.

Specify Scope & Outcomes

Snowgoose works with your Functional and Technical teams to identify the Test Scope and Testing Outcomes expected.

Execute & Record

Testing can be done by customer resources led by Snowgoose Test Management or testing can be outsourced to Snowgoose professional testers.

Complete & Measure

Test reporting measures the outcomes of your test against your targets. Risks are identified and mitigation plans are created.

Remove Risk Early

Snowgoose removes risk early by identifying key business processes and configuration to be tested utilising your data. Our Defect Management processes streamline defect identification, resolution, retesting, and reporting in Snowgoose Defect Dashboards.

The Snowgoose Test Strategy has been proven at global enterprise deployments to reduce testing times using effective test planning, test scoping, execution prioritisation,  and measurement.

Detailed Test Strategy and Plan
Scripts created based on your scope and data
Test Execution internally or outsource to Snowgoose
Evaluate testing results using metrics and test dashboards

Avoid unnecessary costs of position backfilling, SME dedication, external resources, test training, facilities, and meetings by using Snowgoose Test Services.

Professional testing that ensures high quality
Manual testing and automation ensures ontime execution.
Free-up valuable resources for other tasks.
Test Script Creation
Element Traceability
Test Execution Management

You Do It.

Snowgoose provides Test Management and Oversight, you provide the testers, functional & technical SME resources, execution, defect creation, logistics, and training.

We Do It Together.

Snowgoose provides both Test Management and Test Execution capability where its needed, you provide as much as you can handle without risk.

You Choose

We Do It.

You provide the Test Scope, Config, and Data. Snowgoose does the rest. Fully outsourced test service providing planning, objectives, execution, and measurement.

Regression Test

Workday Updates should be Regression Tested. Snowgoose will build a roadmap for your future update testing and provide Test Execution services if required to minimize risk.

We know Test Management. Don't risk it alone.

Get in touch today to speak with a test delivery expert and get the support you need to make your testing fast, safe and predictable.